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If you are just looking for a rough idea of what a furniture removal quote will be, why not fill out our form and find out. All quotes are provided with a no-obligation mandate, which allows you the flexibility to do a little investigation and settle your mind about cost worries. 

All it takes you is a few moments to fill out the form or call us, and you may walk away with the best quote in the removals business. What’s more, we guarantee no hidden costs will rear their ugly head when you least expect it. 


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  • Our base hourly rate for moving is the first hour $250.00 per hour and for additional hours $140.00 for two movers and a truck for our moving services.
  • The price will change with choosing different insurance coverage.
  • You may hire any additional mover for extra manpower.
  • We calculate the moving time once we start work at your place of origin and stop when we finish at your final destination.
  • We do not have hidden costs.
  • Minimum 2 hours job.

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